David M. Hoovler’s Reelection Campaigns in 2017 and 2021: Priorities and Achievements


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David M. Hoovler is an American attorney and politician and has been serving as the District Attorney of Orange County, New York, since 2014. David is known for his commitment to public safety and his proactive approach for addressing the challenges facing the community. Let’s delve into Hoovler’s reelection campaigns in 2017 and 2021 and explore his priorities and notable achievements during those periods.

2017 Reelection Campaign

In 2017, David M. Hoovler faced a significant challenge as he sought reelection as the District Attorney of Orange County. Running as a Republican candidate, he was up against Democratic candidate Michael Isgur. These were some of the key priorities of Hoovler’s campaign:

  1. Public Safety: One of Hoovler’s primary campaign priorities was to enhance public safety in Orange County. He considered the narcotics-related offenses a significant crime issue in the area, and emphasized on its importance.
  2. Social Disorganization: Hoovler articulated his belief that crime is driven by “social disorganization” and advocated for rehabilitation opportunities for offenders. He stressed that his approach aimed to provide individuals with “one shot at rehabilitation.”
  3. Targeted Prosecutions: During his campaign, Hoovler outlined his strategy to combat narcotics trafficking and related offenses. He proposed customized investigative and prosecutorial approaches for different cities within the county to disrupt and dismantle criminal activities effectively.

Achievements in 2017

David M. Hoovler’s dedication to public safety and his strategic approach to law enforcement resonated with voters. He secured a decisive victory, receiving 65 percent of the vote, compared to his opponent’s 35 percent, reaffirming his position as the District Attorney of Orange County.

2021 Reelection Campaign

In 2021, Hoovler faced another reelection campaign, once again running as a Republican candidate. This time, his opponent was Michael Isgur, who had challenged him in the previous election. Hoovler continued to emphasize his commitment to public safety and addressed evolving challenges facing the community.

  1. Backlog of Cases: Hoovler acknowledged the impact of court closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a backlog of cases. He expressed his dedication to addressing this backlog efficiently.
  2. Reducing Gun and Narcotics Crimes: Building on his past achievements, Hoovler pledged to continue reducing gun and narcotics crimes in Orange County. He emphasized collaboration with law enforcement agencies and community organizations in achieving this goal.
  3. Public Safety Collaboration: Hoovler’s 2021 campaign highlighted the importance of collaboration and cooperation among various stakeholders to maintain Orange County as a safe and secure place for its residents.

Achievements in 2021

In November 2021, David M. Hoovler secured his reelection as the District Attorney of Orange County. His commitment to addressing the backlog of cases and his successful efforts in reducing gun and narcotics crimes resonated with voters. Additionally, Hoovler’s focus on collaboration and his recognition as Prosecutor of the Year by the New York Prosecutors Training Institute in 2021 underscored his dedication to public service and his community.

David M. Hoovler’s reelection campaigns in 2017 and 2021 showcased his dedication and commitment to public safety and his proactive approach to addressing the evolving challenges facing Orange County. His emphasis on rehabilitation, targeted prosecutions, and collaboration with various stakeholders has solidified his position as a dedicated District Attorney serving the interests of his community!

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