Discover Collaborative Strategies for Business Triumph: Michael Carrillo’s Blueprint to 7 Figures and Beyond


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Embark on a transformative journey with Michael Carrillo, the go-to guide for personal brand amplification. As a former Division 1 and pro quarterback turned marketing mogul, he brings a unique blend of resilience, faith, and business acumen to the table.

Michael’s agency, on the verge of hitting 7 figures, isn’t just a success story; it’s a testament to his unwavering commitment to clients’ success.

Connect with him on “The Confidence Quotient Podcast,” a space where influencers share stories of triumph. Michael isn’t just a mentor; he’s a strategic partner in your quest for personal brand dominance.

The Journey of a Former Quarterback Turned Marketing Maestro and Podcast Host

Meet Michael Carrillo (@michaelscarrillo), a remarkable individual whose journey from a walk-on Division 1 and pro quarterback to a thriving entrepreneur is nothing short of inspirational.

Michael’s story took an unexpected turn when the COVID pandemic disrupted the sports world. seizing the opportunity, he transitioned from football to founding a marketing agency that swiftly scaled to multiple 6 figures.

As a former starting quarterback, Michael understands the value of resilience and determination, qualities he now applies to the business realm.

Today, Michael is not just the founder of a rapidly growing marketing agency but also the host of “The Confidence Quotient Podcast” (@confidencequotientpod).

This podcast serves as a platform to explore the mindset, confidence, and overcoming obstacles with guests from business, sports, and entertainment, emphasizing Michael’s commitment to personal growth and inspiring others.

Celebrating Success: Michael Carrillo’s Winning Streak

Michael’s journey is peppered with successes that showcase his tenacity and skill. From initially walking onto a D1 Football team to earning a scholarship and culminating his college career as a starting quarterback, Michael has consistently defied expectations.

His professional football career added another layer to his success story, demonstrating his ability to excel at the highest level of sports.

In the business arena, Michael’s agency is poised to hit 7 figures this year, a testament to his strategic approach and effective leadership.

Additionally, the podcast he hosts boasts guests with a collective following of over 3.5 million, illustrating his knack for creating engaging content.

Balancing Warmth and Ambition

At the core of Michael’s identity is a desire to be perceived as authentic, kind, and compassionate—a juxtaposition to the stone-cold killer persona he adopts in the business world.

His warm competence shines through as he genuinely cares about being a light in a dark world. Rooted in his Christian faith, @michaelscarrillo strives to dominate in business not just for monetary gain but to make a significant impact on his community.

He seeks to instill hope and confidence through his content and podcast (@confidencequotientpod), inspiring individuals to believe in the possibility of their wildest dreams.

Building a Name: Michael’s Blueprint for Success

Michael’s approach to making a name for himself in the industry is rooted in learning from his clients and leading with value.

Working with 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs, he gained valuable insights into their processes and content strategies.

His reputation is built on respect, treating people well, and a continuous commitment to learning. This approach has not only helped him build a thriving business but has also positioned him as a well-respected figure in his field.

Overcoming Obstacles: Michael’s Resilience Unleashed

In the tumultuous year of 2020, Michael faced significant challenges that tested his resilience.

The suspension of his football career due to league suspensions, coupled with family illness and personal isolation, created a perfect storm.

However, it was through these challenges that @michaelscarrillo emerged stronger, showcasing his ability to weather storms and find success on the other side.

Credentials in the Top 1%: Michael’s Success in Numbers

Michael’s claim to being in the top 1% of his industry is backed by the success of his clients.

Working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in various fields, he has helped them elevate their businesses from 6 to 7 figures and beyond.

His unique approach leverages content and prospect psychology, demonstrating a proven system that converts millions in sales.

Unique Industry Perspective

Michael’s unique perspective stems from working with diverse entrepreneurs, each with their own approach to success.

Some prioritize social media, while others focus on a clear vision. His expertise lies in understanding content, prospect psychology, and building a brand for credibility and impact.

This holistic understanding sets him apart in the industry.

Purpose and Passion

Beyond the business space, Michael’s purpose is deeply rooted in a desire to be a faithful steward of his talents.

His overarching goal is not just financial success but to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Michael’s passion stems from personal struggles, and he aspires to be the guiding figure he wished he had during challenging times.

The Key to Success

For Michael, the key to success lies in his resilience and faith in God.

Walking through open doors and learning from experiences, he pieces together the puzzle of success. Surrounding himself with winners, being coachable, and betting on himself have been crucial elements of his journey.

Upcoming Goals for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, Michael’s goals include scaling his business to over 7 figures and dedicating more time to giving back to dreamers, youth, and his community.

This forward-looking approach showcases his commitment not only to personal success but also to making a positive impact on those around him.

Long-Term Vision?

Michael Carrillo’s Aspirations for Global Impact

@michaelscarrillo envisions serving as many people as possible through his business and podcast, offering hope to those struggling with personal branding and messaging.

His ambition is for the podcast to touch the lives of hundreds of millions, spreading inspiration and encouragement.

Fear of Regret: Michael’s Catalyst for Going All In

The decision to go all in was a pivotal moment for Michael. Fueled by a fear of regret rather than a fear of failure, he shifted his focus from others’ opinions to his purpose.

This mindset shift has been transformative, leading him to lead with conviction and confidence.

Michael Carrillo’s Turning Point

The most life-changing moment in Michael’s career was deciding to go all in on himself. As soon as he built something he wholeheartedly believed in, everything changed.

He had the conviction and confidence in his offer and the value he could give to others, leading to a purpose-driven approach.

Acknowledging mistakes is part of Michael’s journey.

While some investments didn’t pan out as expected, he learned valuable lessons, emphasizing the importance of not letting mistakes deter future investments and growth.

This resilience and ability to learn from setbacks are integral to his success.

Entrepreneurial Advice

Michael’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is grounded in self-awareness and a broader vision of success. He emphasizes the significance of building something one is proud to sell, tying goals to impactful outcomes.

Michael encourages confidence-building and emphasizes that value precedes monetary gain.

In Michael’s world, success is not just a destination but a journey marked by resilience, faith, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on others.

Join @michaelscarrillo on this journey, amplify your personal brand, and discover the confidence to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Ready to amplify your brand?

Consult with Michael Carrillo today. Your journey to success starts here.

Listen to “The Confidence Quotient Podcast” (@confidencequotientpod) for inspiring stories that fuel your mindset and confidence.

Connect with Michael on Instagram: @michaelscarrillo

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