Embrace Tough Empathy to Grow Your Business


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Empathy is an important attribute in the business world because it allows individuals to communicate with others on an emotional level. It offers a window to one another’s life. As a result, it becomes easier to connect with people, making it a necessary skill for successful communication and leadership in the company.

However, another branch of empathy that is most prevalent in the corporate sector is ‘tough empathy.’ It enables you to get to know your employees and customers better while being committed to your principles and establishing high expectations. With this strategy, you can expand your company in various ways while fostering creativity, client loyalty, and employee involvement.

Tough Empathy in Action

Establish strong relationships and open communication to understand how tough empathy works and how to incorporate it into your workplace. As a leader, you must outline the organization’s goals and mission to ensure that productivity is not threatened.

Tough empathy is associated with tough love. Giving honest comments, setting high expectations, and holding individuals accountable for their actions are all part of it. It does not imply being harsh and criticizing but encouraging and helping everyone succeed.

One of the primary advantages of implementing tough empathy in the workplace is that it increases employee engagement. Employees who feel understood and supported are more likely to be productive and achieve their goals. At the same time, when leaders hold people accountable for their activities and set high standards, it instills in them a sense of urgency and accuracy, which motivates them to perform effectively.

Tough empathy is also beneficial in terms of customers. Customers form a personal connection with a brand when they feel appreciated and heard. It entails establishing client values and holding the team accountable for failing to provide the promised experience. This might assist your company in differentiating itself from its competitors and make you stand out.

Learning From Jill Bausch

Jill Bausch is an experienced mentor with over 30 years of expertise in assisting organizations to succeed. Her experience is particularly useful in enabling women to thrive in business. She is well-versed in mentoring individuals and organizations to thrive as the International Head of Talent Management at SRI Executive, a prominent global organization equivalent to the United Nations. She also founded VivePoint Ltd., where she coaches women from emerging markets.

Bausch has always supported women who aspire to make a difference. She wrote the book Why Brave Women Win to teach women worldwide how to succeed in business and get to the most powerful positions. She has related solutions with her personal experience to explain it better.

Bausch has provided numerous insights, such as tough empathy and developing confidence, which aids in the growth of enterprises. Based on her experience, all of her recommendations are valuable and based on industry study and application.

Overall, tough empathy is an effective method for growing the business while valuing employees and clients. To understand more, read Bausch’s book, which provides insight into important concepts like tough empathy.

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