Bertrand Ngampa: Unleashing the 1% Man Revolution – A Life-Altering Quest for Men’s Mental Health, Success, and Prosperity


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Bertrand Ngampa is a true trailblazer who’s boldly redefining success for men. From a journey marked by relentless determination to his mission of smashing mental health stigmas, Bertrand is more than just an entrepreneur; he’s a catalyst for transformation.

With a podcast that’s making waves, prestigious collaborations, and a commitment to personal growth, he’s turning the traditional concept of success on its head. Bertrand doesn’t just lead; he leads by example, and he’s inviting you to join the 1% Man revolution.

Shattering Success Barriers for Men

Bertrand Ngampa (@bngampa), the visionary founder of The 1% Man, is a true force of nature, bridging the worlds of military discipline and entrepreneurial innovation to deliver life-changing solutions for men.

As a relentless go-getter, he’s not just about talk; he brings real, actionable change to men’s lives, leading by example and shattering mental health barriers for black men and minorities.

Bertrand Ngampa is not your typical success story.

He’s the founder of The 1% Man, the creator of the 1% Man Ascension Journal, and the host of “The 1% Man Podcast.”

But his journey to success was far from easy. He knows what it’s like to work multiple 9-to-5 jobs simultaneously, struggling to overcome debts while acquiring new skills.

Ngampa has an impressive list of credentials, including Army Leadership Training, U.S. Army Infantry School of Airborne Course, a Degree in Applied Management and Leadership, and a Scholar-Athlete Award from the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame.

He’s collaborated and worked with major organizations like The Pentagon, U.S. Secretary of Defense Team, Yelp D.C., Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Barnes & Noble, and U.S. Army Special Operations.

His work has been featured in publications like SFGate, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Black Enterprise, and The Good Men Project.

Ngampa’s success is not just about financial achievements.

He’s also achieved 3X Best Selling Author status and has a new book in the works, expected to be transformative for men. His impact is tangible, reaching the lives of countless men who have transformed their lives using his strategies.

The Man Who Walks the Walk

Bertrand’s success is not about self-promotion; it’s about empowering others to achieve their potential.

He’s the embodiment of action, using discipline and entrepreneurial flair to knock down barriers in virtually every aspect of life, including mental health and self-improvement.

His proof of being in the top 1% of his industry extends beyond metrics, encompassing tangible impacts on others and his unwavering commitment to self-improvement in various aspects of life.

Introducing “The 1% Man Podcast”

Step into a world of personal transformation, resilience, and success with “The 1% Man Podcast,” hosted by Bertrand.

This podcast is more than just a source of inspiration; it’s a roadmap for men seeking to break free from societal expectations and achieve their true potential.

With thousands of monthly listeners, it’s a hub for invaluable insights and actionable advice.

In each episode, Bertrand explores the principles of becoming a 1% Man. He delves into real-life stories, experiences, and strategies that empower men to overcome challenges, embrace authenticity, and lead lives of purpose.

From financial fitness to emotional strength, each episode is a treasure trove of knowledge designed to help you level up in all aspects of life.

Tune in to “The 1% Man Podcast” at and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Join the community and become part of this extraordinary movement.

Subscribe to “The 1% Man Podcast” today.

It’s not just about listening; it’s about taking action and setting out on a path to genuine success.

Triumph Over Trials: Bertrand’s Resilience and Transformation Journey

Bertrand’s remarkable journey was a battleground of multifaceted challenges, from battling societal discrimination due to his skin color to balancing rigorous IT roles and a cleaning company while serving in the military.

His audacious venture into a men’s development company that defied conventional masculinity norms marked yet another hurdle in his path. Internal struggles and societal stigmas around mental health also posed hurdles.

Bertrand’s determination to overcome these obstacles led to personal transformation, substantial financial and career growth, and a focus on addressing mental health and personal growth for a fulfilling life.

Bertrand’s success formula is clear: ambition, discipline, and authenticity.

Ambition fuels him to set high goals, discipline keeps him dedicated to the daily hustle, and authenticity connects people to his journey.

His long-term vision is about mentorship, legacy, and diversification.

He envisions making a mark in tech, particularly in AI and finance, representing black entrepreneurs in these fields. Beyond money, his vision is about influence, changing lives, and leaving a lasting legacy.

The Life-Changing Moment

For Bertrand, a pivotal moment in his career was joining ClientKit and discovering the Morning Formula.

This mindset shift changed the way he saw success, leading to a new approach to life and business. It was like unlocking a hidden layer of himself, and it’s all thanks to that moment.

Embracing Purpose: Bertrand’s Journey to Forge a Brotherhood of Resilience

What inspired Bertrand Ngampa to go all in was the loss of two friends to loneliness and despair.

He doesn’t want anyone to feel so alone that they believe death is a better option.

His purpose is to build a brotherhood through The 1% Man, where men can be real about their struggles and support one another.

Sage Counsel for Success in Business

For those aspiring to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, Bertrand offers practical wisdom gained through his own remarkable journey.

He emphasizes the importance of financial stability as a foundation for success.

Begin by stacking cash and diligently save at least $25,000, granting you the freedom and resources to seize opportunities and navigate the unpredictable terrain of business.

Another invaluable piece of advice Bertrand shares is the significance of seeking expertise.

Don’t tread the entrepreneurial path in isolation; invest in the knowledge and insights of those who have walked it before you.

Consider aligning with a mentor or joining a mastermind group that can provide guidance, support, and the experience necessary to make informed decisions.

Your journey as an entrepreneur is an investment in yourself, and learning from others is an expedited route to success.

Ready to break free from societal expectations and become the best version of yourself?

Visit and take the first step toward a life of purpose.

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