Empowering Success: Percy Bland Jr., The Model Mentor Who Transforms Aspiring Stars into Luminaries


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Take a leap into the extraordinary, guided by the trusted hand of Percy Bland Jr. With his unparalleled knowledge and passion for mentoring, he is the secret weapon in your arsenal, propelling you toward stardom and unlocking the doors to modeling greatness.

Embarking on a Trailblazing Odyssey of Limitless Potential

In the realm of fashion, where dreams are spun into reality, Percy Bland Jr. emerged as a force to be reckoned with.

At the tender age of 20, he embarked on an extraordinary journey that would forever redefine the modeling industry.

With each purposeful stride, he weaved an enchanting tapestry of talent, dedication, and unbridled passion, setting ablaze a fashion revolution that would captivate hearts and minds around the globe.

A Muse for Visionaries: Inspiring Designs, Captivating Moments

Percy’s captivating allure has drawn the gaze of revered fashion designers, esteemed photographers, and iconic brands worldwide.

As a living work of art, his magnetic presence has graced the pages of over 25 renowned fashion publications, immortalizing him as a muse for the ages.

With each shot, Percy breathes life into the extraordinary visions of the fashion elite, elevating their creations to ethereal realms of beauty and grace.

A Trusted Guide for Aspiring Models

Radiating Warmth, Igniting Dreams

Beyond the glamour of the camera’s lens, Percy emanates warmth and kindness, forging authentic connections with individuals from all walks of life.

His genuine love for people, coupled with a down-to-earth nature, has made him a beacon of inspiration for aspiring models worldwide.

Percy’s presence transcends the superficial, resonating deep within the hearts of those who dream of gracing runways and adorning glossy pages.

Unleashing the Potential Within: Nurturing Stars to Shine Bright

As a mentor and guide, Percy tirelessly dedicates himself to empowering aspiring models.

With unwavering support and invaluable insights, he paves the way for their success, helping them navigate the treacherous terrain of the modeling industry.

Percy’s mission is clear: to liberate hidden talents, unlock potential, and equip the next generation of stars with the knowledge and resilience needed to conquer the fashion universe.

Unparalleled Achievements That Tell the Story

Percy proudly represents the pinnacle of modeling excellence, earning a place among the most prestigious agencies in the world.

His meteoric rise to stardom is punctuated by unforgettable collaborations, including his role as the face of Cabelas.

National commercial campaigns with renowned brands such as Lexus, Marriott, Nissan, Volkswagen, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Gatorade showcase Percy’s ability to transcend the ordinary, captivating audiences with his timeless elegance and undeniable charisma.

Meanwhile, a myriad of national print campaigns, gracing the pages of JC Penny, Tostitos, Antigua, Plexus, Civana Resort, LIDS, Frito Lay, Harper and Jones, and Kid Kraft, solidify his status as an icon in the industry.

From Dreams to Reality: Inspiring a Generation of Stars

Percy Bland Jr. personifies hope, standing as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream.

His unwavering belief in the power of untapped potential ignites a fire within aspiring models, propelling them toward their own remarkable destinies.

With Percy’s guidance, budding stars shed self-doubt, embrace their unique qualities, and set their sights on greatness. In his presence, hope blossoms, and dreams transform into tangible realities.

A Journey Forged by Faith and Persistence

Faith as a North Star: Guiding Steps Toward Destiny

In the face of countless challenges, Percy’s faith has been an unwavering beacon of light. Grounded in a deep and meaningful relationship with God, he has triumphed over adversity and emerged stronger than ever.

Guided by this unwavering faith, Percy persistently pursues his dreams, refusing to be deterred by setbacks.

His unyielding determination and positive mindset have become the bedrock upon which his success is built, inspiring others to embrace their own journeys with unwavering faith.

Illuminating the Future: Goals for 2023

As the new year dawns, Percy sets his sights on international print campaigns, eager to captivate audiences around the globe with his enchanting presence.

Simultaneously, he envisions a future filled with philanthropic endeavors, using his influence to build homes for the less fortunate.

Percy’s desire to make a lasting impact fuels his quest for success, ensuring that his journey transcends mere personal achievement and touches lives in the most meaningful ways.

The Path to Greatness: Embrace the Journey and Unlock the Extraordinary

For those seeking entrepreneurial success, Percy’s words resonate with the wisdom of a true trailblazer.

He urges aspiring models to savor each step of their journey, for it is through the process that true growth and transformation occur.

Embracing a positive mindset, honing their craft diligently, and remaining steadfast in the face of obstacles are the keys to unlocking the extraordinary.

Percy reminds aspiring stars that although roadblocks, frustrations, and disappointments may arise, their unwavering focus on the end goal will ultimately lead them to triumph.

A Vision to Mold the Future

Empowering Dreams: The Birth of a Full-Service Modeling School

Percy’s vision stretches far beyond personal success; he aspires to establish a full-service Modeling School, a sanctuary where aspiring models can harness their potential and secure contracts with top-tier agencies.

Guided by Percy’s mentorship, budding stars will flourish, armed with the knowledge, skills, and unwavering confidence needed to conquer the competitive world of fashion.

Through his unparalleled guidance, Percy will shape the future of the industry, cultivating a generation of models who embody the essence of true success.

A Life-Altering Moment That Ignited the Fire

Fatherhood: Catalyst for Boundless Achievement and Inspiration

Percy’s career took a life-altering turn with the arrival of his first son. The immense love he experienced ignited an unquenchable fire within him, propelling him to work even harder.

Driven by the desire to leave a remarkable legacy and inspire his son to believe in the power of dreams and dedication, Percy’s determination burns brighter than ever before.

His journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of unwavering belief in oneself.

The Recipe for Success: Faith, Attitude, and Adaptability

Unleashing Greatness: The Holy Trinity of Percy’s Triumph

Reflecting on his extraordinary journey, Percy credits his success to three potent ingredients. His unwavering faith, nurtured through a deep connection with God, has allowed him to overcome life’s most daunting challenges.

A perpetually positive attitude has guided him through the peaks and valleys, reminding him of the privilege that comes with pursuing his passion.

Lastly, his remarkable adaptability empowers him to thrive amidst the ever-changing tides of the industry, cementing his position as a true industry leader.

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