Morgan Christie’s Boolean Logic: Personal Stories with Broader Themes on Inequality and other Injustices


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Former black woman athlete Morgan Christie has recently released her highly anticipated collection Boolean Logic. The candid autobiographical essay collection sees Christie courageously mine her life experiences, casting light on the rampant gender inequality and injustice she’s faced that shaped her worldview and sparked an urgency for change. Christie’s empowering stories provide more than just a window into her personal journey – they form a powerful sisterhood with women worldwide who have encountered similar adversity.

Gender inequality, along with other injustices, has long been a harsh reality for black women athletes, both on and off the field. The struggles faced by these athletes often go unnoticed, buried beneath the triumphs and victories that the world witnesses. Christie’s journey, as a former athlete, opens a window into this hidden world, where barriers are high, and opportunities are scarce.

Christie’s essays deliver a poignant look at how broader societal issues have shaped her deeply personal experiences. Through entries like “Paper Guns,” “That Bridgerton Line,” and “Partitions,” she fearlessly mines her childhood, braiding her own story with the wider context of politics, racism and injustice. Christie uses her life as a powerful prism to examine how discriminatory structures impact women and communities. Her willingness to draw back the curtain provides inspiration for readers to reflect on how political dynamics have influenced their own journeys.

Christie also fearlessly chronicles her triumphs and tribulations in the sports arena through entries like “Sewing Dresses,” “Tapestries,” and “Goodfellas.” She harnesses her athletic career, so often sidelined by gender bias, as a powerful platform to unpack greater social issues holding women back in athletics. Christie boldly interrogates the oppressive systems that enable persistent inequities against female competitors to go unchecked. Her courageous questioning sounds a rallying cry for dismantling these unjust structures.

Boolean Logic rises above simply being a collection of personal stories. This impactful essay collection serves as a powerful testament to the incredible resilience and strength of black women athletes in the face of adversity. It also rings out as an uplifting call to action for creating a more just and equitable world. She reminds us that the personal and the political are intertwined. Christie inspires women everywhere by highlighting how each person has an important part to play in driving positive change and constructing a more just, equitable society. For those seeking inspiration on how to face adversity with fortitude, Christie’s Boolean Logic provides an empowering message of hope and resilience.

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Nbc/Wxii interview: Triad author Morgan Christie talks new book releasing November 14

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