Revolutionizing Trauma Therapy: Dive Into the Innovative Techniques of Susanna Tanni, a Leading TraumaNeuro Coach, and Embrace a Path of Lasting Healing


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Embark on a transformative journey of healing and empowerment alongside Susanna Tanni (@susannatanni), a seasoned TraumaNeuro Coach whose pioneering methods are reshaping the landscape of emotional well-being.

With over two decades of experience in guiding individuals through the complexities of trauma recovery, Susanna brings not only expertise but also deep compassion to her practice.

Through her innovative TraumaNeuro Transformation Method, she empowers clients to rewrite their trauma narratives, forging a path from pain to resilience.

Contact @susannatanni today to discover the transformative power of neurocoaching and take the first step towards reclaiming your life.

A Journey of Empowerment

Susanna Tanni is a seasoned TraumaNeuro Coach and the visionary founder of a pioneering training program, boasting over two decades of experience in coaching and trauma transformation.

Her professional odyssey commenced with a personal quest for self-improvement, rooted in the realms of self-help and spirituality.

Despite her earnest endeavors, Susanna found herself ensnared in a cycle of recurring challenges, both in relationships and financial stability, prompting a profound exploration into the depths of trauma.

Crafting a Narrative of Triumph

Susanna’s formative years, steeped in a family marked by emotional challenges and personal struggles, imbued her coaching approach with a rare empathy and insight.

Through innovative techniques that harness the innate power of the nervous system and the unconscious mind, Susanna guides individuals on a transformative journey through their emotional traumas.

Her mission?

To empower individuals to rewrite their trauma narratives, transcending mere survival to embrace a narrative of triumph and self-realization.

Drawing from her own experiences, Susanna (@susannatanni) fosters a nurturing environment where clients feel understood and supported.

Each coaching session becomes a sacred space for exploration and healing, where clients confront their past traumas with courage and resilience, leading to profound personal transformations.

Trailblazing Successes and Achievements

Throughout her illustrious career, Susanna has achieved numerous milestones, each testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence.

From scaling her coaching business to six-figure revenue within two years of its inception to directly contributing to transformative changes in over a thousand clients’ lives, Susanna’s impact reverberates far and wide.

Her TraumaNeuro Transformation Method and coaching certification program have not only set industry standards but have also certified over 350 coaches in Finland, expanding the reach of trauma-informed coaching practices.

Beyond her individual successes, Susanna’s legacy lies in her profound influence on the next generation of TraumaNeuro coaches.

By equipping aspiring coaches with the knowledge and tools to facilitate healing in their own communities, Susanna’s impact extends far beyond her own practice, creating a ripple effect of healing and empowerment worldwide.

Embodying Empathy and Expertise

Susanna aspires to be perceived as a leading figure in TraumaNeuro Coaching, renowned for her deep knowledge and pioneering contributions to the field.

Her empathetic leadership, underscored by personal experiences, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for clients and peers alike.

Susanna’s methods produce tangible, life-changing results, positioning her as a thought leader continuously pushing the boundaries of mental health and wellness.

Building a Foundation of Excellence

To carve a niche for herself in the industry, Susanna focused on specialized education, honing her approach, and achieving real, measurable results for her clients.

Overcoming obstacles such as professional isolation and financial instability, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of excellence, leveraging resilience and perseverance to build a strong and respected brand in trauma therapy and coaching.

Susanna’s commitment to quality and efficacy shines through in every aspect of her work, earning her the trust and respect of her peers and clients alike.

By prioritizing personalized care and support, she creates an environment where clients feel empowered to confront their traumas and reclaim control over their lives.

Shaping the Future of Trauma Therapy

Susanna’s long-term vision centers around fundamentally transforming how trauma is understood and treated globally.

She aims to enhance awareness, establish a network of trained TraumaNeuro coaches, and make a profound impact on millions of lives affected by trauma.

Her advice and perspective, rooted in neuroscience and empowerment through education, set her apart within the industry, guiding individuals from suffering to self-awareness and control.

Join the Journey to Healing

Susanna invites individuals and professionals alike to embark on a journey of healing and empowerment.

Whether seeking personal transformation or looking to revolutionize trauma therapy practices, her expertise, empathy, and innovative approach offer a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.

Contact @susannatanni today to begin your path to healing and transformation.

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