The Role of AHRC in Tackling Discrimination


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The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) stands as a central player for human rights and anti-discrimination efforts in Australia. The organization plays a pivotal role in addressing complaints of harassment and discrimination and working to uphold the principles of fairness, equality, and justice.

Let’s further explore the mission and effectiveness of AHRC and the potential shortcomings in the system.

The Role of AHRC:

The Arts and Humanities Research Council, formerly the Arts and Humanities Research Board, is a British research organization that was created in 1998 to encourage arts and humanities research and postgraduate study. It was established to promote and protect human rights. Its mission is to ensure that the rights and freedoms of all individuals are respected, regardless of their background or identity. AHRC tackles issues such as discrimination, racial abuse, and harassment, providing a platform for individuals to seek redress and accountability for wrongs committed against them.

The Complaint Process:

Individuals who believe they have experienced discrimination or harassment can file complaints with AHRC. The process involves several key steps:

  1. Lodging a Complaint: Complainants like Gabrielcan submit their grievances to AHRC, providing details of the alleged discrimination or harassment.
  2. Assessment and Investigation: AHRC assesses the complaints to determine if they fall within its jurisdiction. If so, they initiate investigations, which may involve gathering evidence, conducting interviews, and reviewing relevant documents.
  3. Mediation and Resolution: In many cases, AHRC facilitates mediation between parties to resolve the dispute amicably. If mediation is unsuccessful, AHRC may make recommendations to the parties involved.
  4. Determining Outcomes: Following the investigation, AHRC issues a determination outlining the findings and recommendations. This determination is not legally binding but serves as a crucial step in seeking redress.
  5. Legal Action: If parties do not accept the determination, complainants, like Gabriel, can pursue their claims through the courts.

The Gabriel Case:

Gabriel’s case, which commenced with his complaints in 2020, illustrates a convoluted experience within the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). He filed four complaints against Australian Learning Group, his teacher, South Lake Early Learning Centre, and his center supervisor, alleging harassment and racial discrimination. Initially accepted, the complaints took a discouraging turn when, in May 2021, an investigator declared insufficient evidence to support his allegations. Following this, Gabriel experienced a perplexing sequence of events, including the removal of the harassment allegation from his complaint and the termination of investigations against all parties. Furthermore, he received no responses from his teacher and center supervisor. The absence of an urgent procedure for his case, despite his international student status with strict timeframes, added to his bewilderment. An attempted conciliation process announced in July 2021 never materialized, leaving Gabriel at a significant disadvantage compared to his classmates who completed their courses and initiated work experiences for permanent residency applications. This intricate journey underscores the need for a more efficient and transparent process for addressing discrimination and harassment complaints within AHRC.

Shortcomings and Challenges:

While AHRC plays a critical role in addressing discrimination and harassment, there are potential shortcomings in the system. Some of these include:

  1. Lack of Legal Binding: The determinations made by AHRC are not legally binding, and it ultimately falls on the parties involved to accept and act upon them. In some cases, this may lead to a lack of accountability.
  2. Protracted Process: The complaint resolution process can be time-consuming, which may cause additional distress to complainants and hinder the pursuit of justice.
  3. Resource Limitations: AHRC may face resource constraints that limit its ability to handle all cases effectively, potentially causing delays in addressing complaints.
  4. Impact on Complainants: For complainants like Gabriel, the process can be emotionally and financially taxing, especially when pursuing complaints against institutions or individuals with more resources.

Supporting Gabriel’s Cause:

Gabriel, who embarked on his journey to Australia as an international student in 2016, has initiated a petition that calls for justice and equality. If you’d like to support his cause and raise awareness about the challenges immigrants face on their path to Australian citizenship, please consider signing his petition. Your support can make a meaningful difference in addressing these issues and ensuring that the journey to citizenship is equitable for all who aspire to call Australia home.

The Australian Human Rights Commission serves as a vital institution in the fight against discrimination and harassment in Australia. While it plays a crucial role in upholding human rights and advocating for justice, there are inherent challenges in the system that warrant consideration. Balancing the need for redress with the efficiency and accessibility of the process is an ongoing endeavor, and efforts to strengthen the system continue to be important in ensuring that AHRC can effectively address complaints of harassment and discrimination.

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