The story of Debra Lynn Godfrey: Biography and the facts


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Debra Lynn Godfrey Clemens is the wife of former MLB star Roger Clemens. She is also an entrepreneur and avid golf enthusiast. Today we delve into the life, family details and career of Roger’s wife of over 40 years.

Debbie has been married to Roger since before his MLB debut in 1984. She was an avid supporter of her husband even after he was charged in a famous doping scandal towards the end of his career.

Debra Lynn Godfreys’ profile and bio summary


Debra Lynn Godfrey Clemens

Date of birth

27 May 1963


Houston, Texas



High school education

Spring Wood High School

College education

Houston Community College

Marital status



Roger Clemens





How old is Debra Lynn Godfrey?

Debra Lynn Godfrey (age 60 years as of July 2023) was born on 27 May 1963 in Houston, Texas. She attended high school at Spring Wood High and later attended Houston community college for her tertiary education.

Roger Clemens’ career

Roger made his MLB debut in 1984 for the Boston Red Sox, where he had a successful twelve-year stint emerging as one of the best pitchers in the league. He later joined the Toronto Blue Jays before finally winning the baseball World Series with the New York Yankees in 1999.

The story of Debra Lynn Godfrey

After Clemens’s retirement in 2007, rumours swirled that he was among a group of athletes who used performance-enhancing supplements. After a lengthy trial, including congressional hearings, Clemens was finally cleared of all wrongdoing in 2012. Several women accused Roger of adultery throughout his career though he vehemently denied all these allegations.

Debra Godfrey’s family

The Clemens family has four children, all of them sons, namely: Koby, Kory, Kacy and Kody Clemens. Except for Kory, all the other children followed their father’s footsteps and went into professional baseball. Their children all graduated from Memorial High School.

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