Transform Your Life: Maria Brito’s Wellness Retreats – A Sanctuary for Healing and Manifestation


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Embark on a life-altering experience with Maria Brito, an influential coach fostering transformation for women worldwide. Maria’s holistic approach, combining breathwork, yoga, and unique coaching styles, resonates with women of all backgrounds, creating a space for self-love and deep awareness.

Join Maria’s empowering community, where every woman, whether an engineer or a stay-at-home mom, discovers the keys to unlocking her potential.

Celebrate the diversity of your journey and immerse yourself in Maria’s retreats and programs designed to manifest your authentic greatness.

Maria Brito: Empowering Women to Transform Lives

Maria Brito, renowned as Mama Maria, stands as a beacon of empowerment for women, calling Huntsville, Alabama her home after originating from the vibrant island of Puerto Rico.

A soulful shadow walker and dedicated ceremonialist of life, Maria (@awakenwithmariabrito) is on a mission to guide women through a transformative journey, urging them to heal from within to manifest the lives they desire.

Unveiling the Journey Within

Maria’s mission is to guide women on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to heal from within to manifest the lives they desire. Through her lens, each phase of life is a sacred rite of passage, deserving honor and celebration.

As a certified RYT-500 yoga instructor and an expert in Tantric and Kundalini yoga, Maria infuses ancient practices into her programs, workshops, and retreats.

In her commitment to providing tangible tools, Maria is a certified trauma-release Breathwork facilitator. Her programs are crafted to empower women to be the healing force for their inner shrines.

Maria’s workshops are not just transformative; they are described as life-changing, motivational, raw, and deep, leaving a lasting impact on every participant.

Celebrating Success: A Journey from One to Seven Fabulous Retreat Locations

Maria’s work has transcended boundaries and gained acclaim for being truly transformational. The success of her retreats speaks volumes.

From a humble beginning of one retreat a year, Maria now offers retreats in seven fabulous locations, with plans to expand internationally by 2024.

Her vision is to make the retreat experience accessible to women from all walks of life, creating a global community of empowered individuals.

The Woman Behind the Transformation

Maria’s journey is not just about empowering others; it’s a testament to her resilience and dedication.

Recognizing the scarcity of women leading somatic work in Huntsville, Alabama, @awakenwithmariabrito carved her niche by developing a signature process that delivers profound results.

Her unique approach combines breathwork, yoga, meditation, somatic practices, and more, fostering inner peace and clarity.

Working with a diverse range of clients, including CEOs, teachers, actresses, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, engineers, and even rocket scientists, Maria has become a trusted guide in manifesting desires.

The heart of her coaching lies in helping women find inner peace, the catalyst for true manifestation and transformation.

Maria’s impact is evident in the testimonials that grace her website.

Attendees of her retreats share stories of transformation, describing the experience as nothing short of life-changing.

The mini-movies of each retreat capture the undeniable energy and camaraderie, providing tangible proof of Maria’s expertise in creating transformative spaces.

A Signature Process Unveiled

Creating a signature process with layers of deep internal work was not without its challenges. Maria understood the importance of introducing this transformative journey gradually.

Through signature yoga classes, women’s circles, breathwork workshops, and online programs, Maria tailored her offerings to suit different needs, ensuring that each woman finds her path to healing.

Collaborate to Elevate: The Power of Networking

Maria’s success story underscores the importance of collaboration. Networking with women-owned businesses and building a team of diverse talents has been instrumental.

Maria’s approach is inclusive, acknowledging that the collective power of like-minded individuals can elevate the impact of her work.

Maria’s Passion and Purpose — Awakening Feminine Essence

Beyond the accolades and successes, Maria’s passion lies in reminding women of their feminine essence.

Creating spaces for women to share vulnerably, Maria fosters sisterhood and connection.

Her purpose extends beyond the individual; it’s about becoming a ripple for change, echoing through generations.

Vision for the Future: A Global Healing Journey

Looking ahead to 2024, Maria envisions expanding her in-person workshops to Nashville and Atlanta, publishing her book, and being featured on a morning TV show.

Her long-term vision extends to supporting not only women but also men and couples globally. Maria desires to take her retreats to every corner of the world, creating a passport filled with proof of healing journeys.

A Defining Commitment

Inspired by her family, Maria emphasizes that the healing journey is not just for oneself but for the entire lineage.

Going from part-time to full-on marked a life-changing moment in her career.

Choosing her path, resigning from a corporate job, and claiming her life back were pivotal decisions that shaped her remarkable journey.

Fearless Advice for Entrepreneurs — Surround Yourself with Growth

To those aspiring for success as entrepreneurs, Maria’s fearless advice is to ignore the projected fears of others. Instead, seek a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to growth.

Recognize that those closest to you may project their fears onto your path; being part of a community dedicated to personal and collective growth is invaluable.

In the world of women’s empowerment, Maria stands as a guiding light, weaving a tapestry of transformation, collaboration, and authentic connection.

Aspiring to touch lives globally, Maria’s journey is an invitation for women to reclaim their worth and embark on a healing journey that transcends generations.

Visit her website (, follow her on Instagram (@awakenwithmariabrito), and take the first step toward a life-changing experience with Maria Brito.

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