2024 Real Estate Revolution: Partnering with Bleys Wright to Conquer Market Challenges and Boost Your Bottom Line


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As a seasoned expert, Bleys Wright guides clients through the intricate world of real estate, leveraging tested strategies and proven methodologies to ensure maximum return on investment.

With a commitment to client-centric excellence, his expertise extends beyond property transactions, aiming to alleviate concerns and navigate challenges in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

Discover the unparalleled guidance that Blazin REI Hawaii LLC offers under the leadership of Bleys Wright, where success isn’t just a destination but a journey crafted with precision and care.

Igniting Real Estate Success

Bleys Wright, the visionary behind Blazin REI Hawaii LLC, has carved a niche in the real estate industry through a unique blend of ground-up construction, fix & flips, and the BRRRR strategy.

In just under three years, this dynamic company, under Bleys’s leadership, has surged ahead, acquiring and developing 18 properties and lots in the past year alone.

From crafting affordable homes for the local community to venturing into luxury builds, @blazinreihawaii is rewriting the narrative of real estate investment in Hawaii.

Bley’s journey is marked by tangible success.

Starting from scratch, he has propelled Blazin REI Hawaii LLC to the forefront of the industry.

His dedication and strategic approach have not only borne fruit in terms of property acquisitions but have also led to the construction of homes that meet the diverse needs of the community.

The company’s success story is not just about profits; it’s about contributing to the growth of the local community.

Overcoming Obstacles: From Hawaiian Homestead to Real Estate Maven

The path to success was not paved with ease for Bleys. Growing up in a Hawaiian Homestead meant he didn’t inherit wealth, but it instilled in him the value of smart financial decisions.

The journey required time, discipline, and unwavering commitment.

Today, Blazin REI stands as a testament to overcoming obstacles, proving that success is achievable with persistence and sound financial choices.

Building Homes, Building Relationships: Top 1% in The Industry

@blazinreihawaii stands out not just for its real estate ventures but for the relationships it builds. Bleys emphasizes the importance of connecting with the local community.

The company’s success is not just measured by the properties it develops but also by the partnerships forged with other locals.

In doing so, Blazin REI Hawaii LLC has solidified its position among the top 1% in the industry.

Wealth Generation with Community Support: A Purpose-Driven Mission

The driving force behind Blazin REI Hawaii goes beyond financial gains.

Bleys envisions a company that generates wealth while actively supporting the local community.

The commitment to this purpose is reflected in every project undertaken. For Bleys, success is not just about personal gain; it’s about uplifting the community that has played a pivotal role in his journey.

What Was The Motivation To Go All In?

The decision to go all in was not impulsive but rooted in a solid proof of concept. Inspired by successful investors, Bleys replicated and enhanced the model, taking calculated risks and transforming them into opportunities.

The company commitment to going all in is a commitment to growth, innovation, and making a lasting impact in the real estate arena.

The Key to Success: Relationships and Strategic Partnerships

At the heart of Blazin REI’s success lies Bleys’s ability to form the right relationships at the right time.

Recognizing that success is rarely a solo journey, he strategically partnered with others to fill in gaps and facilitate exponential growth.

It’s not just about what you know, but who you know – a philosophy that has propelled @blazinreihawaii to new heights.

2024 and Beyond: A Visionary Outlook

Looking ahead, the company’s goals for 2024 are ambitious yet attainable.

Blazin REI Hawaii aims to sell 10 properties and kickstart 10 new projects, further solidifying its presence in the real estate landscape.

However, the long-term vision extends beyond Hawaii’s shores.

The goal is to build a real estate portfolio with a global footprint while continuing to give back to the local community that fueled its inception.

Portfolio Expansion and Bigger Markets

The most life-changing moment in Blazin REI’s career came with the realization that the portfolio had grown to a scale that allowed expansion into bigger markets.

This milestone not only showcased the company’s resilience and adaptability but also opened doors to new opportunities and challenges.

Advice from Bleys: Investing in Yourself and Seeking Mentorship

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Bleys offers invaluable advice: invest in yourself and seek mentorship. Learning from those who have walked the path accelerates success and helps avoid costly mistakes.

For Bleys, mentorship was a game-changer, propelling him from a novice in real estate to a seasoned expert in a remarkably short time.

Connect with Bleys Wright on Instagram @blazinreihawaii and Take the Leap into Real Estate Success!

Bleys invites you to explore the world of real estate through Blazin REI Hawaii LLC. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the field, consulting with Bleys can unveil the strategies and insights needed to realize your goals and achieve maximum ROI.

Direct message @blazinreihawaii to consult with Bleys Wright. Your path to real estate success awaits.

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