Erick De La Fuente: Building and Scaling Businesses through Strategic Partnerships and Alliances


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Erick De La Fuente is a seasoned business consultant and coach, known for his innovative and strategic approach to building and scaling businesses. From his early days as a CPA at Deloitte to his current role as an independent consultant, Erick (@erick__delafuente) has built a reputation for pioneering new ways of thinking in business and driving results through disciplined and systemized approaches.

Early Career and Path to Consulting

Erick began his career in public accounting at Deloitte, where he quickly distinguished himself by bringing Agile Project Management, or Scrum, to external audit work, saving his clients countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars. However, he soon realized that accounting work was not for him and transitioned to a strategic consulting role at Deloitte Consulting, where he focused on operational transformation and strategic advisory.

Pioneering Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Erick’s passion for using strategic partnerships and alliances to grow businesses was ignited during his time leading sales and partnership teams at a large SaaS company. He went on to become Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships at a midsized consulting firm, where he created, grew, and operationalized both a direct sales channel and a strategic partnerships channel, growing the latter from ~$300k in revenue to over $22M in sales and $36M in total pipeline in just 18 months. Erick was the primary catalyst for the firm’s growth from ~$40M in revenue to over $110M in the same span.

Success as a Business Coach and Consultant

Erick now focuses on smaller businesses as an independent coach and consultant, helping business leaders grow and scale, standardize their businesses, and attract, hire, and train top-performing teams. Some of his recent successes include building an $8M revenue stream and a $19M pipeline for a consulting firm previously stuck around the $1M mark, creating a scalable sales engine for a CPA company in 30 days, and generating $310k in revenue off of a $36k investment for a newly established business who was spinning their wheels not knowing where to start.

Unique Perspective on Marketing and Sales

Erick’s unique perspective on marketing and sales centers around focusing on the problems that a particular person has with a process that gives them what they want. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your audience and selling to their specific pain points, rather than simply presenting an inventory of solutions.

Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Success

Throughout his career, Erick has faced obstacles such as the perception of his age as a hindrance and the lack of support from leadership due to his relative inexperience. However, his drive and determination have allowed him to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

A Pioneer of New Ways of Thinking in Business

Erick is a pioneer of new ways of thinking in business, a builder of systemized success, and a disciplined worker with strong morals and ethos. He maintains a contagious stress-free aura around himself, infecting everyone he works with and around with a can-do mindset and focus. Through his innovative and strategic approach, Erick has established himself as a leading business consultant and coach, helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and reach new heights of success. 

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