You Are the Medicine: Liat’s Wild and Authentic Approach to Healing and Fulfillment


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Few possess the gift of a comprehensive approach to self-improvement and well-being. Enter Liat, the integrative coach, whose journey from therapist to trailblazer was spurred by an unrelenting desire to uncover the true secret to mental health and genuine happiness.

As a psychotherapist Liat found that traditional therapy helped her clients gain self-awareness and understanding about the “why” behind their issues. But when it came to actually living and feeling better- it was a slow process.

Liat felt that while there was a lot to be gained from therapy, it was just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

This catalyzed a period of learning and apprenticing under teachers and elders. Liat delved deep into practices such as parts work, hypnotherapy, Yoga, Tarot, Zen, and harnessing the power of nature to unlock the secrets to holistic health.

Through her tireless pursuit of knowledge, Liat fashioned a powerful approach that blends the best of both the traditional and the unorthodox. A method that deftly weaves cutting-edge techniques with age-old wisdom, to deliver a truly unique and transformative coaching experience.

Trust the Gut: The Incredible Journey of Liat, Integrative Coach Extraordinaire

Liat’s journey to become a successful and impactful integrative coach was full of unexpected curveballs. Her anchor was her intuition.

Liat’s intuition always knew the next best indicated action. When she resigned from her prestigious job as a lead therapist in a counseling center in order to spend months alone in the middle of Wilderness, her friends and family thought she was going insane.

But Liat ignored the naysayers and listened to her own inner voice.

During her hermitage in the wild, Liat contacted blissful ALIVEness. And it was there, in her solitary communion with the natural world, that Liat saw the vision for her unconventional practice: The Wild and Authentic Path.

Liat’s vision for The Wild and Authentic Path was rooted in an approach to healing that integrated the most powerful perspectives ranging from western psychology to mysticism and more.

Liat’s inner vision remained a constant, like a North Star that always kept her on course. Each time her intuition brought her to a new perspective on healing, happiness, and fulfillment she added it into her personal growth toolbox.

She followed the sparks of inspiration and curiosity to all sorts of extraordinary people and places.

Today, The Wild and Authentic Path is more than just a vision. It is a thriving business that has guided countless individuals to inner peace, true healing, and lives of purpose.

Protect Your Intuition: Insights from Integrative Coach, Liat

The Wild and Authentic Path is more than just the name of Liat’s practice, it is a way of life. We choose to take the wild and authentic path when we decide to live in a way that feels right to us, from within.

Words like intuition, inner wisdom, inner vision, and authenticity try to describe a place that every single person has access to. A place that always knows. Sometimes we lose touch with this place, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Liat’s success as an integrative coach wasn’t due to luck or happenstance. It was a result of her steadfast belief in her intuition and vision. It was a result of her choosing to take her wild and authentic path, even when it was hard to.

Blending Traditional and Alternative Methods: How Liat Helps Clients Achieve Lasting Results

Liat’s sweet blend of traditional and alternative techniques has made her one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry, and her clients can attest to the incredible impact of her coaching on their lives.

One of her clients, a life coach named Chase says, “When I met Liat I was lost. She showed me the way back to myself. She helped me remember something I didn’t know that I forgot.”

Liat’s clients range from people with treatment resistant depression to therapists, coaches, and healers. Some clients come searching for ancient wisdom to guide them through major life transitions. Others feel called to connect to their intuition, or purpose.

Liat collaborates with her clients on mixing and matching the right approaches from the many in her toolbelt to meet their unique needs and goals. This is the secret sauce for her clients’ incredible and rapid transformations: healing isn’t one size fits all, and Liat knows a hell of a lot of different sizes for her clients to try on.

You can read more about Liat and her unique approach (as well as book an online session with her) at Connect with Liat on instagram @wildandauthentic.

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