“Rocking Rap and Punk in Perfect Harmony: Dead Hendrix and Yungcudii’s ‘Mustang’ Revs Up the Music Scene!”


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On March 31, 2023, Dead Hendrix and Ottawa Rap sensation Yungcudii will collaborate to release the explosive single “Mustang,” a collision of musical genres that nobody saw coming. It’s surprising yet oddly satisfying, similar to combining peanut butter and pickles.

Imagine this: The punk rock intensity of Dead Hendrix blending with the smooth Ottawa vibes of Yungcudii. It’s as though different genres were thrown into a blender and then processed until creating a musical smoothie that will make your taste buds tingle.

“Mustang” is a wild combination of punk rock and street rap, akin to a squirrel having espresso. Who would have thought that these two styles could blend together so well? This type of musical experiment makes you wonder if “Mustang” was created by accident, like if rap lyrics were spilled into a punk show.

Together, the genre-bending experience that is Yungcudii—the northern rap wizard—and Dead Hendrix—the punk rocker with an eye for the unusual—have produced something that transcends music. Imagine Yungcudii spitting verses hotter than a jalapeño in a sauna while Dead Hendrix is picking up his guitar. That’s the magic of “Mustang.”

“Mustang” is a welcome change of pace in a world where musical collaborations frequently seem forced. As soon as Dead Hendrix, also known as Hendi, utters the words “I’ve been working on this song for a year now,” you can almost feel the excitement coming through your headphones.

But wait, folks—that’s not all! For the track “DTH” on the much anticipated album “Ottawa X Toronto,” Dead Hendrix and 3mFrench are collaborating following the “Mustang” storm. The who’s who of the Great White North, from Duvy to Lil Berete, are featured in what sounds like a Canadian musical summit. Prepare to have the best of the true north serenading you.

Prepare for “Mustang” by igniting your Spotify playlists. Yungcudii and Dead Hendrix are here to demonstrate that sometimes breaking the rules produces the best results in terms of music.

Maintain the Yungcudii vibe by checking out his Instagram for more of that Ottawa magic, and follow Dead Hendrix on Instagram and Twitter for a behind-the-scenes look at his musical rollercoaster. “Mustang” is just the start of this sound journey; the music scene is about to get much wilder.

Prepare to rock, rap, and roll because Yungcudii and Dead Hendrix are about to take you on an unexpected joyride. Music lovers, get ready for an incredible ride! 

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