The Next League Program: Unlocking Pathways to Success and the EB1A Green Card


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The Next League Program, conceptualized by Ranjeet S Mudholkar, is an exceptional opportunity for individuals to achieve their career and life goals while potentially qualifying for the EB1A Green Card. With over two decades of leadership experience in diverse professional roles and a distinguished career as an educationist and coach, Ranjeet is a recognized authority in finance, education, and research. Leveraging his extensive expertise, Ranjeet aims to empower participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to understandingthe  nuances of immigration processes, secure their dream jobs, and excel in their chosen fields.

Unlocking New Avenues: The Next League Program is tailored for a wide range of individuals seeking to overcome various challenges and limitations in their pursuit of success. Whether you are an employee on a work visa, a professional aiming to settle in the States, a parent aspiring to provide a high-quality education for your children, an ambitious action-taker tired of H-1B visa uncertainties, a career-oriented earner looking to accelerate growth, or a student eager to drive your career, this program offers valuable insights and strategies to propel you into the successive league of achievement.

Navigating the EB1A Green Card: A focal point of the Next League Program is guiding participants to understand the nuances of EB1A Green Card and enhancing the professional profile to be EB1A ready. Unlike traditional routes that often require sponsorship, work visas, substantial investments, or dependence on the visa lottery system, the EB1A Green Card provides a unique opportunity for individuals to independently qualify for permanent residency in the United States. Ranjeet’s in-depth knowledge and professional experience in various domains  along with his successful experience with the EB1A category position him as an invaluable resource in  mentoring participants unlock this pathway.

Empowering Participants: The Next League Program equips participants with the necessary knowledge, strategies, and insights to set themselves up for extraordinary success. Drawing on his extensive leadership experience in managing professional assignments and his impressive academic background, including double Master’s degrees in Finance and Global Management, as well as an Honorary Doctorate in Economics, Ranjeet provides comprehensive guidance to help participants achieve their most ambitious career and life goals.


Expertise and Recognition: Ranjeet S Mudholkar’s extensive expertise is reflected in his 500+ speaking engagements and authorship of over 1000+ articles, quotes, and research papers. He has established himself as a finance, education, and research authority. His contributions have been recognized by esteemed publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Times, CNBC, Times of India, Business India, and Business Standard.

The Next League Program, founded by Ranjeet S Mudholkar, offers individuals a remarkable opportunity to unlock their potential and achieve extraordinary success while potentially qualifying for the EB1A Green Card. With his extensive experience, impressive academic background, and recognition as a leading authority, Ranjeet empowers participants to navigate the complexities of career advancement and immigration processes and pursue their dreams with renewed vigor. By joining the Next League Program, individuals can take control of their professional destinies, accelerate their growth, and seize opportunities for success in the United States.

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